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Another antiretroviral drug, Saquinavir, if given with Esomeprazole, can increase serum levels; if necessary, it has to be given cautiously.

Always disclose all supplements -- including herbal pills and vitamins -- you are currently taking to your physician. I hate how so many things seem to affect its absorption!

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I was not on iron supplements while on the warfarin. Standardized extracts have been associated with bleedin in people in rare occasions. What about herbal teas and Coumadin? Many meds can affect warfarin and its best to closely watch INR and adjust dose until in target range again.

Diffuse reflectance studies of solid-solid interactions. Since then, my INR results have been low. Interested in learning more? Standardized extracts of ginkgo have been associated with two cases of spontaneous bleeding, although the gingko was not shown to be a definite cause of the problem.

Please select your gender. So rather than just upping my Warfarin even more, I just stopped taking the third mid-day dose of iron.

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Maybe I have slight secondary anemia due to infections. Doctors here cannot think of any connection with thyroid hormone function and possible iron deficiency, or any discrepancy in my iron status. Please review our privacy policy.

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Dan Shen Salvia miltiorrhiza Dan Shen, a Chinese herb, was associate diwth increased warfarin activity in two cases. This is because vitamin K is a vitamin that contributes to blood clotting.

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Love broccoli and eat it at least once a week. Iron is an essential mineral and plays a key role in health. Unknown No information available. Green tea extract may decrease platelet aggregation. Coenzyme Q is structurally similar to vitamin K and has been reported to interfere with warfarin activity. Fruits to Avoid When Taking Coumadin.