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The route of administration is oral PO.

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I have seen a complete shift from when I first began taking Methadone in until this month when I was switched to Morphine. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I had been on oxycodone and the new-oxy for about 12 years and this October 13th decided enough was enough.

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For the pump in My Dr, however, believes I can learn to meditate the pain away!! Okay so there are numerous opiate conversion tables on the internet such as this one: There is no point to taking something that isn't giving you any relief.


Long-acting opioids include methadone, sustained-release preparations of morphine, and fentanyl patches. In other words, this is not the only place to get the conversion information. I know this is from last year but thanks to the op, theres some very good resources there. Dr Fudin…I absolutely agree with you regarding the knowledge level of pharmacists, and their integral part in patient care. Which includes comprehensive pain management. At the time I was prescribed it in I was given Methadone 10mg every 4 hours plus Hydromorphone 8mg to take every as needed for breakthrough.

I spent 2 years learning most pain MDs care nothing about decreasing pain, only pain meds. Recently become tolerant to fent and docs feel moving to methadone would be best course of treatment.

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Management of cancer pain: Pain still high and 2nd dye test ordered. This ER medication is not even remotely as long acting as the regular Methadone.

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During this time I fell and broke my hip and have had 2 hip surgeries and need another. April 24, at 8: Feb who then lost his license!

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Galanter M, Kleber HD, eds. The state legal equivalent of methadone to mg is 20mg. April 23, at October 9, at Which is why naloxone is often not as effective in relieving a methadone overdose as it would be for heroin diacetylmorphoneoxycodonehydrocodoneetc?