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Susceptibility of clinical isolates of Staphylococcus saprophyticus to fifteen commonly used antimicrobial agents. Tell your healthcare provider if you have a history of seizures.

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Oral norfloxacin versus parenteral treatment of nosocomial urinary tract infection. Norfloxacin penetration into human renal and prostatic tissues. Discontinue norfloxacin at first appearance of rash, jaundice, or any other sign of hypersensitivity and institute appropriate therapy as indicated e.

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Give tablets with a glass of water at least 1 hour before or at least 2 hours after a meal or dairy products e. Administer norfloxacin tablets at least 2 hours before or after ferrous sulfate and dietary supplements containing iron 1. Norfloxacin, amoxycillin, cotrimoxazole and nalidixic acid: In vitro activity of Baya new quinoline derivative, compared with those of other antimicrobial agents.

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West Haven, CT; World-wide clinical experience with norfloxacin: Noroxin norfloxacin formulary information monograph. In vitro activity of A and A, two new aryl-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial agents.

Consider age-related decreases in renal function when selecting dosage; renal function monitoring may be useful.

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Information for healthcare professionals: Activities of new quinoline derivatives against genital pathogens. Failure of mg ciprofloxacin therapy in male urethral gonorrhea. Those occurring less frequently included increased BUNincreased LDH, increased serum creatinine, decreased hematocrit, and glycosuria. Ofloxacin tablets prescribing information. Prolonged QT interval and ventricular arrhythmias including torsades de pointes reported with some fluoroquinolones, including norfloxacin.

Simon C, Lindner U. You and your healthcare provider should decide whether you will take norfloxacin or breastfeed.

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Norfloxacin and absorption of magnesium-aluminum. Efficacy of norfloxacin and doxycycline for treatment of Vibrio cholerae infection. King A, Phillips I. Antibacterial activity of norfloxacin. In vitro activities of quinolones against enterococci resistant to penicillin-aminoglycoside synergy. What tips would you provide a friend before taking Norfloxacin?