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Left, Right; Reconstruction left: I have extreme sensitivity to all drugs and I am not sure that this pill does more good than bad?

AC Guys arimidex with or without food?

Weight gain after breast cancer diagnosis has been shown to increase hot flashes in breast cancer survivors on aromatase inhibitors. I really didn't commit to it in my mind and kept thinking I was going off.

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I finally realized the women on the discussion were, of course, the ones having the most trouble. Thanks for your feedback.

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Log in to post a reply Mar 23, How Do You Take Arimidex? To the extent that an aromatase inhibitor did decrease the production of estrogen in a premenopausal woman, the decrease would tend to stimulate the ovaries to increase androgen production, thereby neutralizing the effect of the aromatase inhibitor.

I'm not sure how long it should take before I know if the Arimidex works okay with me. Apr 10, That changed when I switched to night. Log in to post a reply Sep 5, I feel very sympathetic to all those struggling with aromatase inhibitors. In my research I can't seem to find out if you take Arimidex orally or inject?? Low-dose vaginal estrogen, which is used to relieve vaginal dryness and related urogenital atrophy, appears to be safe for use for postmenopausal women after aromatase inhibitor treatment has been completed.

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For example, according to the clinical pharmacology info on www. Jul 12, Sep 5, Sounds as if you've been reading up on this.

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Too ,uch arimidex will lower your estrogen too much and tool ow of e levels will stifle your gains and other problems too. DIEP flap; Reconstruction right: That as well as a concerted effort to eat healthy foods. I think it was really difficult for me to adjust physically and mentally to Arimidex but I have adjusted and feel fine. Note that weight gain during aromatase inhibitor treatment has been found to be associated with less favorable prognosis.

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