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For more detailed information, you can visit the electronic Medicines Compendium eMC. Thursday, November 1, Life with cancer can suck, but it's sure better than the alternative! Your doctor or nurse can tell you what to expect.

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Your doctor will advise you not to become pregnant or father a child during treatment. But, I traveled all winter to visit friends with houses in warm places, went zip lining in Costa Rica, went out with friends, etc.

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You will also start taking a two-week course of capecitabine tablets. Home How can we help you today? Your nurse will give you a telephone number for the hospital.

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Hi, Nina, I wanted to. If your blood results are alright on the day of your treatment, the pharmacist will prepare your chemotherapy. Taxotere is given intravenously. Median times to disease progression were 6. Gently clean your teeth or dentures in the morning, at night and after meals.

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Two chemotherapy drugs, Xeloda generic name, capecitabine and Taxotere generic name, docetaxelhave both been shown to be effective treatments for some women with advanced breast cancer.

Find local information centres or support groups. I had liver mets too. These effects, however, proved to be manageable with appropriate medical intervention and dose interruptions. Just want to say good luck. My hand and feet have peeled three layers deep several times, my finger and toe nails have ALL fallen off completely and now are starting to come off again of what little has tried to re-grow.

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Anthracyclines often are used to treat advanced-stage breast cancer. None Open Label Primary Purpose: Fatigue Watch our video about coping with fatigue. A recent phase III trial demonstrated that the combination of capecitabine Xeloda and docetaxel Taxotere significantly improves response rate, time to disease progression, and overall survival compared with single-agent docetaxel in patients with anthracycline pretreated metastatic breast cancer.

Call our cancer support specialists free on 00 My hair has fallen out and any scratch, bump, whatever seems to get infected immediately.

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