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I've made a pact with a friend to start Weight Watchers again tomorrow, which I tend to do great on.

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I wonder if anyone can help me I've been on orilstat for nearly four weeks now and haven't lost anything. Update your browser to the latest version. No cutting out the foods that you love and you get good results. So can I take Alli after eating a small portion of chips and 1 piece of fish? Second time 4 years later they did absolutely nothing.

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I love to cook Please log in to reply. I have recently been prescribed Xenical mg by my GP as I am majorly overweight and after struggling with my weight for years, I am now at my heaviest. I am on orlistat ans feel bloated always also have not reduced but put on. If you are not satisfied with this rating, you may want to try Phen The toliet issue is much better now and I am really careful how much fat I eat.

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Will I get the yuck side effects? Sorry about the questions Nat ipb. Day 5 on Xenical. I will keep everyone updated on how I do. But its good, because its sure drawn my attention to what it is I am sticking in my mouth and I didn't do the chocolate that I'd been craving, as I knew the results would be far from worth it!

I have lost 2kgs. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.

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Feel free to join in I now feel much more confident with my body image and feel comfortable wearing swimwear. Some pages may not appear or function as intended.

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I've been on Weight Watchers before and I know that I would have lost 3lbs this week with or without the Xenical. Hi ive been taking xenical now for 5weeks three times a day ive been going to the gym for two years and got stuck in a rut of my bmi of But I did already pay for them so I might as well use them.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I did have a couple slices of pizza tonight within my points and popped a pill so tomorrow may be a different story, luckily I have nothing to do and no where to go.

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