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I committed to college. To this day I still feel fairly numb several months later but not nearly as bad as I was on the Zoloft. And i only say add 25mgs as another 50mgs might be too much.

I am on 50mg.

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I know how you feel though into a fire and into another. Overview Find a Group Telephone Groups. But nothing change with my sleep and feelings of unreality and emotional numbness.

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I used to find that if I walked around my backyard paced actuallyit helped get some of the agitation or nervous energy out. That's actually how my severe panic attacks and stuff started. By BronzeTiger Started 1 hour ago.

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In my opinion, they are a great tool and resource to use while you learn about the root causes of your anxiety through counseling with a mental healthcare professional. Ever taking zoloft when I was told that, "it's safe," was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

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Its like stopping smoking for 3 weeks you get your energy back and then it crashes and you start the healing process and all that tar and rubbish starts to come off your chest and you feel rough for a few weeks.

But this weekend iv felt bad. I couldn't sleep I slept usually hrs per day maxI had no appetite, no sex drive, I have had acne on my face and back a lot normally I haven't any.

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I felt the lack of emotions everyday even worse than it was before. Wow, i had almost the exact same symptoms. You just have to keep going with it. I am on Zoloft for panic attack I head hydrops of my inner ear, so I stressed myself that I could lose my hear and after successful treatment of hydrops I had panic attack almost 6 weeks.

I am just praying it kicks in properly soon. Sign in Already have an account? We will delete it. I did notice that I do need my sleep now, I can't do an all nighter any more like I use to lol. This is precisely why I quit Zoloft on 3 occasions!

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I had stopped my antidepressants 3 weeks prior due to a multitude of illnesses and other medications wreaking havoc on my body. I tend to get those feelings when I am suffering from anxiety which, in my opinion, can lead to depersonalization. It was strange i didn't recognize myself at first nor my surroundings my brain was just on a tangent of nonsensceicle thoughts and ideas.

When I started 50 mg I started to have the odd positive day but then since increasing to mg I seem to feel worse again. So carefully increasing and waiting 2 to 3 weeks per increase. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.