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To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our editorial policy. Do I take or not take? I bought groceries like I thought their would be none tomorrow. Post Traumatic Stress is probably best treated by psychotherapy, not drugs.

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Besides clenching my jaw a lot, I don't experience any of the negative side effects. Please seek medical advice before starting, changing or terminating any medical treatment. After nine days I quit cold turkey. My doctor gave me Sonata to help me sleep, but the "groggy" feeling the next day was too much for me. I've never needed to use this type of treatment before, however I lost a baby a year ago and after trying to manage things via counselling, exercise etc, I realised that I needed to do more.

My head feels like someone is jolting it sideways and I can't think straight at all.

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I have had the Lexapro for 10 days. Withdrawal wasnt very bad. The prozac started pooping out and my pdoc wanted me to try lex again since it has been almost 2. You want to take the lowest dose and get feedback about you demeanor. To my greatest surprise, Mark called and started apologizing 4 days after i sent Dr. Do not take any prescription or non-prescription drug without researching it fully first.

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I would adivse taking Lexapro in the AM as soon as you get up and if you are the midst of changing doeses to this when you do not have to work the next day. I have a busy job with long hours and a baby at home Your doctor may occasionally change your dose to make sure you get the best results. With depression so common, many women of reproductive age will be on antidepressant meds while attempting to conceive.

Wellbutrin is a good choice. Here are the players you need to know about. Find Lowest Prices on.

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There is a history of alcoholism and depression in my family and I'm always aware of the triggers that trap us into these feelings of helplessness and the desire to "escape" our realities.

Now that I have stopped, I feel like total crap and it's really depressing. I ended up taking 10mg and not the 20mg because I was hoping that that would be enough and I had room to move if I needed more. My question is whether I can expect the tiredness during the day and disturbed sleep to lift in the next week or two.

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Reply to patricia I take at night.