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The band also performed at various showcases in New York City, which caught the attention of Island Records.

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Louis suburb of St. The label signed the group, who then went to Nashville to write and record their new album.

About Greenwheel

But after that brief period, the group basically went underground, performing only occasionally. About Greenwheel Formed at a local record shop in in the St.

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Top Songs See All. At the same time, lead singer Ryan Jordan gave the group one year to make it in the music business.

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Free with Apple Music subscription. Charles, this group of high-school bandmates originally dubbed themselves Hindsight before changing their name to Soma Holiday. A self-released, self-titled album followed that same year and garnered a local buzz in the area. If the group failed, he would return to community college and then head to DePaul University to become a theater major.

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Top Music Videos See All. Formed at a local record shop in in the St. Listeners Also Played See All.

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Inthe group renamed themselves Greenwheel and released a four-song demo.