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For this reason, hypnotic benzo's often posses strong anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties too, while the majority of the anxiolytic benzo's lack strong hypnotic and sedative effects. Do not mix alcohol with medication.

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I've read some of the answers and frankly they're a bit Scary like people deliberately taking too many clonazepam.

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I took and almost didn't make it out alive. Obviously, I didn't die, I did suffer serious and strange and awful side effects. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Overdosing on Klonopin also leads to nausea and vomiting for many users. How much time does it take to die from a pill overdose?

Or will it just cause you to black out and do crazy things?

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This being said some symptoms of an overdose will become apparent in certain individuals at doses as low as 5mg. A Klonopin overdose is extremely dangerous and may result in respiratory depression leading to a coma and in rare cases death. If you think he is dependent, speak to him about it, though if this could be dangerous for you, try and speak to his doctor or other family members regarding your concerns.

I said it varies from person to person because of tolerances.

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More than 60mg, generally speaking, is about what it'd take to kill you. Clonazepam non generic Klonopin is a long acting benzodiazepine. It's very easy to black out and then fall under respiratory failure.

To protect our independence we do not run ads. They pumped my stomach and I was asleep for 3 days.

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Because the drug stays in your system for so long, taken more of it, say as an example thinking you have not yet taken your dose so you unintentionaly double up.

Jul 3, 2. Your words broke my heart. The stomach of an overdose victim is also always pumped to remove any Klonopin that has not yet been absorbed by the body. Yes, my password is: But the mixture of beer and benzos made me want to drive a crank the stereo.