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A good relationship with your doctor helps as well. And a high free t3 is a good thing, with in reason But the most important is how You Feel! My PCP adjusted my dose once by increasing my Levothyroxine by 25 mcg. I hope I can find help with this new doctor.

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I was very sick on the Synthroid and stopped taking it. I was on 25mcg of t-3 and low dose of synthesis. Tsh is measured on a scale of -2 to 5. I now have many auto immune disease. Optimize your diet by eliminating gluten, soy, and dairy.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is what docs are afraid of, as hyper- is potentially more dangerous than hypo. My 16 yr old daughter could tell me if I missed a dose because of how I acted.

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I even feel sorry for myself. It looks like we look to the same sources ; Thank you!

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I feel that I have no quality if life which has caused grave depression. Selenium is important for the thyroid, and can actually protect the thyroid from any damage iodine may possibly do to it.

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My first experience …. Hey Marion…I saw your post and I was thinking…if you are taking. And inflammation has a profound effect on all aspects of thyroid metabolism and physiology. This alert box could indicate a dangerous or potentially negative action.

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So many things can interfere with the meds…like calcium and iron. I have asked my docs to investigate my autoimmune, identify it and treat it. To me, support and rebuilding that part of my Hashimotos is crucial to my ultimate good health. A GP does not always get it right. Doing this maybrrally help your itch. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 40 am now I have a question.

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