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I'm usually pretty skittish with DEET anyway, so I probably get more out of liberally applied picaridin. The Dawn was recommended by someone who works in pest control. Turns out that everywhere I had tight clothing, I was burning and stinging. Citronella candles don't seem to work very well, don't last all night. DouchePacker June 1, at 6: Pour enough Permethrin solution to soak each item and then let sit for a few hours so that it fully soaks the material.

I put some of my poured off solution in a spray bottle and spray the perimeter of my tent when car camping in tick country. Folks get this misconception from the military stating NOT to treat your undergarmets. It was warm so I left my permetherin treated thermal layer bottoms at home.

I have a friend who brought a black widow spider back into his tent. Permethrin — for your clothing including socks and gear e. Advice - View only advice.

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Sent from my phone using Tapatalk. I did spray my tent and ground cloth, but not my rain fly. Just use that rubbery kitchen gloves. Philip Werner July 16, at The party line still seems to be that both have minimal chronic toxicity.

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Of course we will probably find out in ten years that even in the bonded form it causes some long-term ill effect, like most things. I soak my longjohns, because they are my "pajamas" on the trail, and when answering the call of nature during the night, I don't want to bring ticks back into my hammock with me.

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You want to spray your lower pants legs, shoes and socks, too. I explain how to do this below. You can walk into any REI and buy this stuff!

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Rocky Mtn spotted fever and babesiosis among many, are the risk of not using it. I have a large warm bright orange hunting jacket as well wool overalls …would you recommend the soak method? That said, it is not much of a repellant.