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Flexeril and xanax combined. I still need to function from day to day - I have a 12 year old who I homeschool and a foreign exchange student that I pick up from school, not to mention just daily things around the house! I am already aware that snorting alprazolam isn't the 1 most effective ROA Flexeril and fibro question. I have to say it is the most annoying in the eye. Would I be taller if I ate normally and never was a pot smoker in my early teens Im 5'7 now.?

Flexeril cyclobenzaprine is a skeletal muscle relaxant. I go to the Dr. Or need more info like I do.

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Yes, I have taken both at the same time, however do be aware of the drowiness. Mixing Flexeril and Xanax is not contraindicated, but extreme cautiousness should be maintained. Also, many people take cimetidine Tagamet or grapefruit juice to potentiate their drugs, such as benzos or opiates.

The very first day I took it my head hurt so bad and I was nauseated, so I stopped it for 2 days and was so desperate and thought just maybe I didn't give it a good chance. By using this Site you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. I was taking about mg of hydro.

I just didn't feel like my normal self. If we think the wd's from painkillers are horrid, they're nothing compared to wd's from the benzodiazapines xanaxativan, etc. Also, is Flexeril and Valium safe or no? Those seemed to help a little but the headaches never fully went away. It is worth the money for the few hours of relief. Multum Information Services, Inc. I was on vicadin but it gave me insomina so I went off within two days.

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Talk to your doctor about this and when your problem is better controlled you can start to taper off the benzo's. Most nights I take a very small dose of xanax also 0.

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The latter is probably your best bet, seeing that Xanax even contains an auxiliary label on the prescription bottle warning of a potential interaction with grapefruit juice.