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They warned that women with a low CVD risk could actually face more harm from developing diabetes if given the same dose of Crestor prescribed to men with a higher CVD risk. Hans NSW September 7, at 7: I had severe attacks of gout pain after taking Aspirin and drinking Gatorade. My legs ache, feel tired, and have experienced breast tenderness. According to the manufacturer's package insert for Crestor rosuvastatinthere is no correlation between type 2 diabetes and Crestor, per se.

She stopped the Crestor. Lipitor atorvastatin is a synthetic lipid-lowering agent.

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As with many medications, alcohol may affect the drug absorption. Crestor and Specific Conditions or Patient Populations: Can taking Crestor do this? The degree of ALT level elevation can indicate the seriousness of liver injury. Home News Sport Business.

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Mild lightheadedness remains, and fatigue. My doctor prescribed hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic for me to help control high blood pressure. The main side effect of Crestor is muscle cramping or weakness.

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Thankfully I'm not painfully overweight. That means a lower dose packs a bigger punch and lowers cholesterol quite dramatically. By the way, I have been tobacco free for 32 years and have survived lung cancer for 29 years. Gout attacks increased till a month ago when I read about Lipitor causing memory problems ans stopped taking it.

I have been drinking dandelion tea, but not every day. I lived with muscle aches and leg pain so severe, it kept me awake, then neuropathy issues. I did not contribute it to the Red Yeast.

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So thankful now that I can pinpoint these as side effects from statins! As always please consult with your health care provider about any questions you have regarding your medications.

I am alos taking mg per day of allopurinol as Voltaren when required for gout which I have suffered from for about 20 years.

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I work on my feet 14 hours a day so this was not acceptable. I have COPD and use inhalers Spiriva and Symbicort I experienced severe leg cramps when went on Symbicort I went down to 1 puff a day for a few days and legs cramps lessened, went back on 2 and they came back so I heard about this soap theory I now have a bar of soap in my bed at night and very rarely if at at all have leg cramps anymore so maybe there is something about the old soap theory.

Adverse event reports included cases of memory loss, forgetfulness, amnesia, memory impairment and confusion.