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I had a cd21 progesterone test this month and the nurse called with the results this morning. The nurse said that it was But I am have light brown bleeding.

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Hope everyone has a good evening wherever you are! I also took clomid day when my body was already producing its' own level of progesterone. I had cycles ranging from days. Is it a good or bad thing?

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I feel heartbroken that this just isnt happening. If you have any concern about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

First Time On Chlomid.

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I have no symptoms of pregnancy, I feel hot all the time but have done since taking the clomid, I had some mild cramping today but it may just be my imgaination. I got pregnant with twins on Clomid so it sounds like it could happen to you! Hopefully a double dose plus maybe a trigger will get your p4 levels higher.

Oldest Newest 16 Posts. Im nervous about my bloods as I want it to work so much. The standard dose is to use 50 mg per day for 5 days. After not having ovulated for so many cycles, I'm just relieved that there's ANY indication that i ovulated.

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To Sign Up for free, please click here I had 2 miscarriages before, and my first RE suspects that low progesterone is the reason. Can anyone explain to me why the reference is so different, is it because of different unit for progesterone being used?

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Add a comment This field is required. My problem is I dont know when I ovulate and my periods are anything from 32 to 45 days. If a day is missed, try to have sex on the next day. We recommend you begin a new post. It is really getting me down as they said i only have a few more months then will get referred for ivf although they said i woyld get declinded because my bmi is only 17 and i needs to be I did go on progestrone supplements until 12 weeks though, but everything turned out perfectly I did not start clomid yet, I got pregnant the cycle before and was waiting for AF to show up and then starting clomid.

I don't understand why my doctor would get my hopes up like that.

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Hi All This is my first round of clomid and had my 21 day results back today. Trying To Conceive 1.