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Consequently, they have a relatively short duration of action, yet a rapid onset when compared to the extended-release agents. Does the Soma potetiate the Hydrocodone, or is that a waste to take them together. Do they require carisoprodol for muscle spasms, or can they use a medication with an alternative pharmacology, such as methocarbamol, cyclobenzaprine, or metaxalone?

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I'm in RI and every Dr sucks here! All you have to do is pick up the phone and call or chat now. While it could be due to the combination, my first guess is actually to blame the Xanax, it has been known to cause these type of issues in some people that take it.

Swim 's first experiences with just carisoprodol were taking 3 to 4 at night while watching a movie or random TV before bed. Swim 's experience is NOT to exceed 2.

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Updated 2 days ago in Soma. So am going to close this and direct anyone that wants to talk about good or bad combos to the BDD Social and Information Boothwhich is where talk about combinations good and bad is very much welcomed BDD Social and Information Booth Due to the nature of your question, this may be something best answered by your doctor who can make a more informed decision based on your medical records, current health, age, weight, whether or not you're taking any other medications, etc.

Most states have a prescription drug monitoring program PDMP that can be accessed from all pharmacy settings. Gotta figure out where You is at with their type of preferred high.

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Wed, Aug 12 '15, 8: This thread has been brought back from the dark ages, I think the OP got his answer and the current posts belong more in the social thread. A Health systems Report [Internet]. More Hype Than Help. I feel good, but not high. Xanax alprazolam interacts with more than other drugs. I was allowed 4 a day.

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I've been on these for over 1 year. People who suffer acute or chronic pain, for example, may receive opioids like Vicodin to treat the pain on a long-term basis, while also receiving a prescription for Valium to treat muscle spasms. Last edited by marley; at Add your Answer Find similar questions. When used with alprazolam, it may be even more dangerous. Factors affecting carisoprodol metabolism in pain patients using urinary excretion data. Have you discussed this issue with your doctor?

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