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Manta rental wanted 0. As for all the supplements I have run out of and can't get here I am finding alternatives.

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Request password Enter the e-mail address you registered with. I know my body better than anyone.

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Now I can't speak for the meds but I think you should be able to find alternatives if need be. I did not get these diagnosis from the medical community who basically all treated me like I was crazy.

Member since 20 November Before you panic please call or email the pharmacy in my above post to find out if the drug you need is available. As for the supplements I need for my adrenal fatigue there is no way I can have them brought in here. Recently I encountered a new twist on the whole thing.

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No "check it out first" trip as there was no way I could do two trips. He took a look and advised that I didn't have a deviated septum. My psych dr writes my scripts 3 months out and my dad ships them to me. Does anybody know if you need a prescription?

Hi all, My boyfriend and I are planning to come to Cuenca for months and we would like to know about the availability of the medications below.

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Even without asking, I know my Doctor wouldn't do it and without it my quality of life would not be good no matter where I'm at.

The last doctor did agree that I had plugged Eustachian tubes and said that I shouldn't fly. I was able to get some prices for drugs directly from a small pharmacy in Cuenca when I was there in January. They say that if you don't get your point across to your physician in the first 3 minutes, you are just shut out by them.

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And there are zero side affects. This person stated that if the package was under the 4X4 law then no problem but we had an Ecuadorian interpret the rules as sent to us by the postal officials here and his interpretation was the same as ours and the same as we were told on both the phone and computer. Member since 10 May Still, good to now you can get a refill if you run out or something happens to your medication supply.

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I take 2 mg a day, which is unheard of here. Again won't bore you with the details. There is a possibility she may need Isotretinoin generic for Acctane while she is there. As for supplements you can only get basics here.

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