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With all these things said, have fun, be safe, and don't over-do it! I wound up popping them like candy - though never more than was prescribed. Anyway, now I'm off the Cymbalta and on the Fetzima with everything else staying the same. I grabbed the wrong med bottle when taking my meds I had a really rough time on it, especially with anxiety.

Compare how you feel and perform without the Vyvanze, and see. Sep 10, 1. This is a great place to learn more and to gain support from others who suffer as well. Drug interactions are reported among people who take Vyvanse and Valium together.

U have already had the worst of it and now, they will begin to taper off and get better and better.

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Bridget is online now Get an Answer Continue. I am surprised you can skip a day.

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I'm going all over the place here, but How did these two drugs mix for you? I even broke down and told DH about all my life crap-- the XH of my mother who'd molested me, my Xh's both their abuse, my heartbreak over losing my Fiance, and how that happened If i am on butrans patches, I had been on 24mg of suboxone.

I find that they work well together. It worked in someways, I was able to keep my house clean I felt motivated to pick up after myself and my family all of the time.

Plus i keep lying to the psychiatrist to As soon as I stopped taking it all of this disappeared. I think the Zoloft magnified certain properties of the Vyvanse, and it made me feel uncomfortable and nauseus. What Customers are Saying: He agreed that it wasn't the right thing for me and resumed prescribing just 5mg. I feel better already! The anxiety and bad feelings that I get with stimulants, are gone.

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He prescribed me Subutex 8mg half in morning and half at nightValium 10mg one in morning and one at nightand lastly, Zoloft. I am happy to help get your problem solved: Multum's information is a reference resource designed as supplement to, and not a substitute for, the expertise, skill, knowledge, and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

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