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I am grateful to be alive but what are the real chances that this will re-occur? I am afraid the pain will get even worse. I would rather live less years and not be crippled than live in daily unbearable pain and future broken bones and all the affects of this drug.

I called Astra Zeneca and they said they have no documentation on any withdrawal symptoms.

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The researchers wanted to see if women who were considered persistent and compliant had better disease-free survival than women who were not persistent and compliant.

Any information anyone can pass on I'd appreciate it.

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I didn't take it for the full 5 years that most oncologists recommend. Within 12 hours I began itching from head to toe. I felt great the first 2 weeks then developed extreme pain in my back and shoulders.

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Hi Brenda, I hope things get better for you soon, I don't know if I imagine it or not but i think I definitely felt better during the last half of my 5 years.

Joint pain was the most common reason women stopped taking Femara early. Answer this Question Report Favorite. I take four in the a.

I'm not sure whether to add this but I will. Hugs to you all.

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If the drug makes your life that painful you need to tell the doctor. Yes the percentages look better with some using this drug, but they don't give you the BAD part of it. There are good ways to get rid of any obstacles stopping you from doing all you can to lower your recurrence risk. K 1 and see what the difference is and ask my doc.

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Living with secondary breast cancer. I didn't want to scratch first.

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I've read that when we stop taking Arimidex or Femara, there is a "rebound effect," and our estrogen levels can end up higher than they were before we started taking the drug. I've taken a lot of supplements over the 5 years to help offset the side effects. Look up side affects. There's a lot of info on alternatives in there, including interviews with docs, case studies and so on.

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I had a double mastectomy sept " Spun out taken for 1 to 2 years December 21, K2, but my primary doc at the time was against if because of risk of clots.

I still think this is so strange considering so many have "issues" once stopping Arimidex. Evista used to cause so much pain I hurt all day, so I got my family doc to put me on another drug to protect my bones since I refused estrogen.