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It is an area which we call SO, this is not condoning your drug use.


Tolerance starts to drop when the use is discontinued. Would it be like 5 mg released right away and then another 5 mg released 6hrs later or what? I would tell anyone out there starting these meds to find another solution before they take over your lives also. It's really the only way you're supposed to take it. A simple way to shed light on it is to talk about the situation I am in. So if you are taking 20mg every 4 hours with the Percs, thats like taking a 60mg Oxycontin every 12 hours. Chewing or just breaking them in smaller pieces gives me the same effect.

The 80s seem most favoured.

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I would be willing to go through the pain I have for that amount of time in order for 1 pill to work again. Then you have the choice to take Tylenol or Advil or whatever else works for you with them and not be forced to take it every time you take a Percocet. How many of the Perc 10s were you taking? You'll probably get the opiate nausea and puke. You are fairly correct in how oxycontin is released into your bloodstream.

Please advise what I can do. Since then we have increased it to 3 10mg 2x a day and i feel NO relief! Both ways work great for me personally dropping pill orally and doing railsbut i'd give the advantage to railing it. Although the mg of Ultram and a fat bowl made me very cozy and made for a couple excellent nights of sleep.

I got Percocet recently 10mg and taking one half or one pill was enough for me with no tolerance; I took hydrocodone in February and that was my first experience with opiates.

But, because of the potency of opioid analgesics, you can develop a tolerance to Percocet over the course of weeks of continual use. Any help is appreciated! Even as you lower your doses, the higher dosages you used to take will start producing better effects.

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Plus they taste like your sisters pussy. When I took a larger dose, I was in awe at how good I felt.

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I don't think drinking with opiates is using moderation. So even if you are taking 3 of them at a time like you said, thats still only 30mg divided into hours.

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