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I blame the codeine cough syrup: Do you know how to answer? Good luck, mental drugs are hell! This took about a year to accomplish.

Is Adderall withdrawal dangerous?

I am a single mother of 2 and i work full time and still need to be able to function…. A detox clinic can help address the risks that arise and help to treat them so your risk of seizing, depressed breathing, and coma is less likely.

You could be like me: The thing that jumps out at me the most while reading thru this thread and your question about taking Adderall is that you are wanting to take a pill to change the way you feel. Needless to say, this was not in best interests and left me much worse off.

I think honestly is the best policy especiallyif others are wondering the dame thing. What happened next was long and awful. How long does adderrall withdrawl symptoms usually last if you have been taking them off and on for a year?

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Okay now that I have told you my past its time for the real issue!!! The last thing I want to do is start fights on this forum, do you think that's why I come here? I told Wally not to indulge, but he was using Oxycodone recreationally on occasion, up to mgs a day, and was suddenly cut off cold turkey.

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Contributors are industry leaders who are interested in the field of addiction treatment. I would take 3.

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Is there anything else out there that I can take on an as needed basis that helps with energy and focus? I have built up no tolerance to this drug.

Or is it something else? Which I work hard to keep off. I now have hope and I no longer dread what life will be like without Adderall!

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Best wishes, Laurie Votes: I've been using Vicodin on and off for five years and in the last two years it got out of control; I would go CT due to running out my script early, endure terrible withdrawals, then start it again when my refill came through.

Second day woke up at 7 with a cup of coffee "as always and made myself eat again. And I say this with the utmost sincerest concern, for YOU!

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