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I have taken Celebrex for over 10 years. Why would they ask you to stop taking celebrex 2 wks. Daily Newsletter Favorite Home Remedies. Welcome to a New Thread! Donnie August 20, at 9: At one point after shoulder replacement surgery I was on 8mg every 4 hours!

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My heart goes out to all of us who deal with these feelings on our own. Celebrex does not completely remove osteoarthritis pain. How long does it normally take to start feeling any relief resulting from celebrex? Should I stop taking celebrex as soon as my symptoms disappear? Bring all of your drugs to your doctor at least once a year to ask whether any can be eliminated.

But I find they scare a lot of people away from using these drugs that help. As with all NSAIDS, Celebrex can lead to the onset of hypertension where none existed before or the worsening of an existing hypertensive condition. That is likely to increase over time and it may take a couple of weeks to feel the full effect. She put me on celebrex If you notice any of these symptoms in your newborn, tell the doctor promptly. Just as the woman throws the ball to the gorgeous yellow Labrador retriever, the announcer starts sharing the following scary side effects:.

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Opioidssuch as hydrocodone, oxycodone, and propoxyphene Constipation, dependence, drowsiness, mood swings, and nausea Agitation, chills, cramps, diarrhea, hostility, insomnia, muscle pain, and vomiting Sleep aidssuch as eszopiclone Lunestazaleplon Sonataand zolpidem Ambien Dependence, memory loss, dizziness, nightmares, sleep driving, and worsened sleep Anxiety, muscle cramps, nausea, and seizures.

My doctor does not prescribe this one any more as he says the amphetamine-like side effects are too strong.


Best of wishes and health, pledge Votes: It's an anti-inflammatory, not a controlled substance. You can also learn more in our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis. Don't have an account? Use common sense and never take more of the Celebrex than what is prescribed by your doctor.

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