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I have been told there is no medical reason why B12 helps weight loss but for me it really worked well and I am about to go back on it again. But when I am doing throwing my fit - I will commit to 60 days of pure effort. Exposure of an unborn child to this medication could cause birth defects, so you should not become pregnant or father a child while on this medication.

These tissues are the major source of estrogen in postmenopausal women. This medication can cause liver toxicity, which your doctor may monitor for using blood tests called liver function tests. Use of Femara may cause decreases in bone mineral density BMD. During treatment or within 30 days of stopping treatment median duration of treatment 60 months a higher rate of fractures was observed for Femara Do not stop taking anastrozole without talking to your healthcare team. My question is why?

Femara and liver function.

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Patient assistance may be available to qualifying individuals without prescription drug coverage. Letrozole can cause an increase in your cholesterol levels. I still hurt in all my joints and my left arm where the nodes were taken feels achy and heavy with pins and needles.

I started working out again on the Monday after the holidays plus started doing my exercises which I had stopped for quite some time on my problem bc side shoulder frozen shoulder twice.

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Time to progression TTP was the primary endpoint of the trial. The most frequently reported adverse reactions were bone pain, hot flushes, back pain, nausea, arthralgia and dyspnea. This is done with a bone density scan dexa scan.

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Femara in the Elderly Femara is not often used in the treatment of elderly patients. FSH is too high I will simply take all of my records and find somebody else that will help me. The information reflected here is dependent upon the correct functioning of our algorithm. And if nothing changes - I am eating a doughnut and crying again.

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Body as a Whole. We found 11 discussions. I am attaching for you a link to the website www. I had to put it totally out of my mind - which worked well until they stuck the needle in today. Could these red spots appearing on my skin indicate a liver problem? In a postnatal developmental toxicity study in lactating rats, letrozole was administered orally at doses of 1, 0.

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In the extended adjuvant trial MAthe incidence of bone fractures at any time after randomization was I also think that the aromatase inhibitors wreak havoc on our bodies.