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I'm still severely depressed, though it's different to how it was before.

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I feel for ya - I almost think depression is worse than anxiety, so glad I haven't had to deal with that. I have been prescribed a dose of 50mg. Pendex - A 12 year old child has just been started on Zoloft for major depressive disorder with one? Well I hope things get better for all of us. My first week was over yesterday.

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If you already have an account, please login. Even though it is difficult to be in the positions that we are, however different we all feel, I think there are things we can do - and not do - to make the process easier for ourselves. Also, a severe change in my eating habits. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. SingDanceRunLife has no updates.

Being on 50mg before and now returning back he will guest that may be 50mg is not strong enough this time round. Med Help International, Inc. Means to an end and all that haha. I'm sorry zoloft isn't working for you, and I can relate. I've heard that here before with other drugs I was taking. Hey Joy, I took Zoloft for about a year a couple of years ago. Everyone is different - what works for one may be horrid to the next.

As far as illness, increased depression, bum squirts, headaches etc not had any of the above so far touch wood.

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Three weeks is still early days and I'm keeping everything crossed for you that your good days will become much more consistent. I have always been scared of taking any medication that changes my mood, of course anxietyand therefore haven't taken any of the meds prescribed at their prescribed dose.

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I've read 50 mg is not enough of a dose for most people. Thank you for your post. Such patients would tend to have fewer central side effects but show reduced response to antidepressants even at high medication serum levels. I was apprehensive of the mg, but couldn't be happier with the results although I do get the odd fog and extremely restless; shaky, eyes seem to focus and refocus a lot but it passes after a while- once the come up has subsided.

After about a month on each with no visible changes, my doctor is recommending me to another specialist.