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Taking your pain meds on an empty stomach will allow you to feel more of the side effects.

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But sometimes when I take more because of pain, I will just be miserable with sweating. Create new account Request new password.

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I don't know if lifes problems kept me off the computer and DC for a while I never noticed a difference when snorting it, because it absorbs a little differently. Nonnopioids includes indications for using acetaminophen or NSAIDs, and the prevention and treatment of adverse effects.

Effects of Oxycodone 5MG. It kicked in within 15 minutes and was probably the strongest experience I've ever had from hc.

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View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question. This was made better by taking day by day tolerance breaks. Food Effects Food has no significant effect on the extent of absorption of oxycodone from OxyContin. Alternatives to Taking Percocet.

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Morphoxycode1Dec 1, Think of where you would be sitting in CP without it. How long does the MSir Sulfate 15mg tablet take, to feel pain relief? Can I take oxycodone with food?

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Say i take 2 10s 15mins after i wake up, ill get a nice buzz on for a couple hours, while if i took 2 later in the day or night it wouldnt do much, maby make me feel kinda warm or feel good for about a half hour to an hour if im lucky not saying some days i dont just wait til the night time to get fucked up but when i got a nice supply i tend to take some in the morning and more at night even though redosing pills usually sucks.

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Does anyone have the problem of intense sweating with these pills? Hey pamee and annabannana. I notice if I take my immediate release meds with food they do seem take longer to kick in and work I take Dilaudid BTW. Do you do it just for the act of preparing the pill in the parachute? SWIM almost out of 7.

I just wanted to give that warning.

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