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The most common generic names include tretinoin, tazarotene, and adapalene. Post a comment Gallery: Kind regards Tamara X. Once I stopped eating dairy products, my cystic acne cleared up within a month. That only happened when my legs turned ashy and I needed to wear a dress.

And you are seriously tempting me with those MUN skincare goodies — I always eye them in your IG posts and blog posts, but this post in particular has really made me want to splurge out on them!

Plus, the added vitamin E protects your skin against free radical damage. The device that you are using is cute.

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My skin reacts well to Benzoyl Peroxide as long as it is a low percentage. My new skin care routine is my favorite though.

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For my night-time routine, I did not want any active ingredients in my cleanser because night is when I use a harsher acne treatment and did not want to combine ingredients. I use these products every day and love them all. So happy to hear that your skin is looking amazing after completed treatment!

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When you have acne or oily skin you might think that you should be very harsh on your skin, using a ton of drying products, scrubs, but the key is to be delicate with your skin and let your acne heal. Every post title must include a valid tag. My spots went up and down over time. Let's start off with the current state of my skin: I freaking love them.

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Here's the gist of how this miracle elixir works: So yes, to me, the side effects are worth it. I am the iced coffee sipping blogger, peanut butter addict, avocado lover, and photographer behind the blog. When to see a doctor. I'm obsessed with eye cream. I, too, have suffered from acne, especially cystic acne, since I was As far as a moisturizer goes, I rotate between a few.

I tried a few different toppicals, then went to the dermotologist and he put me on an antibiotic along with some topicals and those didn't work for very long. I use the sensitive brush head with my Clarisonic, as I've noticed that post-Accutane my skin can get irritated much more easily.

Simple lip balm won't cut it either - I need Aquaphor or it's moisturizing equivalent.