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It's Saturday Nov 4,dose 1, My doctor says i can start taking the entire 30mg pill on the 7th day. I try to keep it simple but if I don't get some variety in there I'm afraid I wouldn't stick to my diet.

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. I get in a rut sometimes about what to eat. I have been on adipex for 1 week now. I still feel the energy but I do feel hungry during the day. Plus the way you eat is also a big help.

I can't believe how great it is working for me. What time did you take the pill?

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I plan on only taking for 30 days and working out min daily. This pill is amazing for appetite control. I feel like the meds have stopped helping me. Phentermine gave me Colitis taken for 6 months to 1 year November 8, Hi Shannon, This would depend on the individual and what their doctor thinks is best for them. I am also working out 5 days a week.

2. Not Eating Enough

The good thing is I feel like I can run a marathon race. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals lead to a sluggish metabolism and slow bodily processes, meaning your body has to work extra hard to process the food you eat, and as a result, losing weight with phentermine is more difficult. If you meant the other supplements Phen Drink and Phen Vites, these are no longer available unfortunately. Please help me with advice. I am on my third day.

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I am hoping I will be able to not have to start it up again after the 3 month break. My goal weight at this point is lbs, though someone my height should really be around lbslbs. As of right now dry mouth is the only symptom. How much exercise what kind of diet?

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