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My son has poison ivy and him being a senior has many activities coming up especially with pictures so he would like to get rid of it as soon as possible. July 24, Reviewed by: The Ohio State University. And I stay home with the youngest so I have to touch her alot when changing clothes, diapers, and cleaning up after eating. Found in the Rexall, Claritin Skin and Life Brand creams, topical hydrocortisone is a steroid that brings down inflammation, redness and itching.

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June 8, Reply. I was wearing sandals so the rash is in wide stripes across the tops of my feet. It is possible that you are being re-exposed due to ongoing contact with contaminated clothing, pets or garden tools. Poison ivy vines usually have solid green and pointed leaves that hang from the stem in groups of three.

Just stand in the shower and let the water rinse it all off.

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I did this primarily so others would not get infected. May 14, Reply. This article contains incorrect information. Poison ivy can grow as both a vine or as a shrub, and in most parts of the United States it typically grows as a vine. After cooling the rash using any of the forms mentioned abovecoat it with a lotion such as calamine. A fan blowing over the cool compress will diminish some of the heat of the itching and help to dry up some of the ooze coming from the rash.

If blisters form, leave them alone.

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If your child gets poison ivy on his or her eyelids, the eyelids will become red, swollen, and itchy — but the eyeballs themselves should not be affected. Is it good to use hydrocortisone? Apply calamine lotion three to four times a day to help calm the itch.

In a previous answerI described some surprising facts about where this rash comes from and how it might spread. We are on a spring and our water runs on the surface and then is collected in our spring box.

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Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac can cause rashes if someone touches them.