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Prevalence of autoimmune diseases in in-patients with schizophrenia: Already have an account? Other nervous system side effects include vertigo, abnormal thinking, confusion, amnesia, loss of coordination, nerve pain, stuttering and subdural hematoma. Because Seroquel changes the way chemicals in the brain work, it can have a number of side effects. My IGA is low at He could not think, mind went blank, could barely talk, could not remember anything, could not go out, did not feel well.

It's weird because I know it isn't logic, but I feel mentally superior than everyone around me, it's really annoying because every time someone talks I feel like stabbing them because they sound so incredibly stupid, ignorant, brainwashed and naive.

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I'm in process of titrating back to what had been a successful regime for many years of just Parnate when the depressions kick in. My psoriasis is doing great. Dyspnea [ Ref ]. I couldnt afford it. Weight gain, increased appetite, thirst Uncommon 0.

I have ups and downs still but composted to before meds i wad over the top and attempted suicide twice. Some side effects of quetiapine may occur that usually do not need medical attention.

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All psychiatric charts were reviewed to establish a comprehensive sequence of relevant medical events. Seroquel is prescribed for DepressionBipolar DisorderMania and Psychosis and is mostly mentioned together with these indications. She had gone to a shrink and gotten the depakote and Sero too.

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January 25, anxietyforum. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it improve over time. Want to discontinue, but facing severe In the last month, after starting on Quetiapine [generic for Seroquel] I have experienced four late-attacks of afib.

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Are there any lawsuits in the works? I have been having headsweats since I started Quitiapine earlier this year. Additional factors both environmental and intrinsic to the patient may also have affected the clinical course of the skin disease. Dramatic worsening of psoriasis two weeks after initiation of olanzapine treatment.