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My research tells me that any change of dosage either up or down causes these panicky spaced out disorienting feelings, so that will be why your dr is hesitant to lower your dose now Eva after 3 weeks on 60mg. Blah blah they have no idea.

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I shook my head, and told him I was feeling completely fcking crazy, that I'd never experienced these symptoms the first two times on fluoxetine, that I felt like I was losing my mind, felt like I was having mood swings literally every five minutes from one extreme to the other.

Oldest Latest Most Votes. Sign in Already have an account? This post means everything to me right now So sorry your day is not as good as yesterday Eva.

I really wouldn't worry. Started crying again, feeling crazy and like I was unraveling, felt jittery and numb and just wanted to feel one emotion for longer than ten minutes. I too have a very supportive husband that wants me to at least try the Prozac but when it come down to taking it I go into a panic attack. I really need this right now. Start-up Side-Effects of Fluoxetine Hey there.

My libido was already very minimal to begin with due to trauma issues, anxiety, and depression, it doesn't need to be dampened any more.

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Try to hang in there. You can take it before or after food. Hang in there it will improve x x Post added at All the fear you are feeling. Find all posts by epicpwn Available for Android and iOS devices. The answers will be interesting! For as long as I can remember, I've felt identity-less, like I don't really know who I am. You'd best stay in touch, lol!

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I would have felt shocking without them in the early days and weeks of prozac, and I had children to care for, so I had to be able to manage without crying all the time and being a messy marshmallow. We have good reason to be afraid.

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Then they disappear xxx Report this. The whole situation spiralled out of control. As you and Gillian have said. I know it's been a while, but I wanted to let you all know that I took comfort in reading your stories.

I just mowed the lawn and now I am going to do some knitting. Claims about the efficacy of any treatment or self-help strategy including religion.