Clomid success with normal ovulation

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So, i feel like at worst i'm taking a pill that whilst may not help, isn't going to harm me either and at best, it might just do the trick! Thanks HappyWomble for sending me here x.

Clomid takes a toll on your body and I would've hated to take it and not give it my all otherwise. This worked for my co-worker. I took 25mg twice and both times I ended up pregnant. Oldest Newest 17 Posts.

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Girls shoes size September I ovulate on my own every month. Registering is free, easy, and means you can join in the discussion, get discounts, win prizes and lots more. Is your insurnace covering any of it?

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How many cycles did it take you to get pregnant? I had an ultrasound in October to check for resolution of a cyst probably hemorraghic. Hello Bucky my love As you know I will be starting clomid all being well in a couple of months. Featured Tales from the Crib. From my research, it looks like more effective, doesn't cause problems with CM or lining, less risk of twins, and fewer side effects. On the other side I'm thinking it's got to be worth a shot.

Starting Clomid, but ovulate regularly??

Get our weekly roundup of the best of Weddingbee. Didnt have any side effects, didnt notice anything different except I got pregnant! I say go for it for at least one cycle. Yes, I ovulated on my own, but my hormone levels were low in my luteal phase, so I went on clomid and had a cp the first cycle, took a break the next cycle, then conceived Liam on the cycle after that, on clomid.

Thanks for your help ladies Angelic ipb.

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Thanks in advance for any advice, im going a bit doollally LM xx. This gives me hope!!! I was ovulating but my doctor said it wasn't a strong enough ovulation. Clomid doesnt help form the baby or anything. I had 3 food size follicles but am only pregnant with one baby!