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I am guessing i'll have to stay on the prednisone and take my chances with these side effects.

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I too cut my hair short. Media report on the real RD! Increasing folic acid a B vitamin prescribed with methotrexate often helps.

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I was thrilled to see Click here to submit your rheumatology question. One study showed PRD much prefer injection pens to even pre-filled syringes. It's the methotrexate that's the horrible drug in my opinion but needs must.

Helpfulness Helpfulness Most Recent. This meant, out of seven days, only three were tolerable. When I ran out of folic acid a few years ago I lost masses of hair and at the time hadn't realised that was why I had to take the supplement.

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I can't wait to try the olaplex May I ask how long you were on Methotrexate for and the strength. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek appropriate medical assistance immediately.

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Reality check Mistaken beliefs about a Rheumatoid Arthritis blog? When I went to the Doctor I told him to stop the med-he stopped it and now 2 months later I am in so much pain i don;t know what to do. As I'm writing this I've just washed my hair in tears as hair is everywhere!!! What helps with hair loss while taking methotrexate. Just FYI Report this.

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If your hair starts falling out, ask your doctor about a higher dose of folic acid. I have completed all of my treatment an am cancer free now However, now I have been told I have the start of Rheumatoid arthritis and they want to treat it "aggresively" scary words with methotrexate. Lucky for me, I started with enough hair for two people so I can make it look okay. This scares the shyt out of me.

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I'm on methotrexate and he is switching me to Arava? I was tested by a naturopath and found that my body doesn't use the folic acid been taking for most of 10 years but needs the methylfolate. Rheumatoid Arthritis - I've started taking methotrexate 2 weeks ago for RA. Most doctors in the US advise alcohol consumption be limited with methotrexate. He is talking about prescribing topical Rogaine. I can hardly walk and I'm only I have a history of severe thyroid disease, so I tend to blame that, but there were no other thyroid symptoms.