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Since Im already on it should i try it for a few weeks at least? Once we get accustomed to the effects and build a level tolerance from daily stable doses, I find it ineffective to handling anxiety and panic attacks, as the effects diminish and we are tolerant to it.

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Wow, what an amazing post, especially the part about the difference between addiction and dependency. Yes, me too in the am, especially at lunchtime i go out to get lunch, a salad because i'm trying to lose weight, and i wait in line and everyday feel like im having a heart attack and im going to die.

I had been having severe anxiety for years, especially out in public. Klonopin - building tolerance and increasing daily dose. Subscribe to receive email notifications whenever new articles are published. It was prescribed for insomnia, due to reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I'm not a big believer in SSRIs for panic or depression, but I've read in a lot of forums about them helping a lot of people.

I think diazepam Valium would probably be better for you than Klonopin.

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If it works why do you even want to cone off it. And as your tolerance builds, you may need to keep increasing your dose.

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SSRi's dont work for me. Use as needed unless prescribed on a daily basis. I may try every other day or skip the night dose and just take it during the day Just my opinion Votes: I have been doing that for 5 days and can see the improvement in my anxiety. Right now Ihave only been taking it for a week and I find I still need it during the day.

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I hope I have the strength to go the rest of the day without taking any more It is very addicting. As far as euphoria goes, euphoria itself is a pretty subjective term. It is something to be aware of and careful about. Overview Find a Therapist Online Therapy. Good luck and never give up.

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Since I'm on Clonazepam again I've lost 15lbs. Due to the long half life of klonopin, you may find 4 times per week is enough every other day as the drug takes a long time to metabolise - taking it at night will still affect you the following day.

Either I went through withdrawls which I believe I didn't, no shakes, headaches, urges, nothing