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Laparoscopy surgery Posted By lguidry21 0 replies Yesterday, It won't hurt the baby if you are pregnant. It could be a coincidence, but my RE has heard of this too. I also have PCOS and do not ovulate regularly. Look though our numerous subject specific forums or feel free post about anything you want to chat about.

Ovulation while on provera possible?

Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Not trying to get any hopes up. I just finished an unsuccessful round of clomid.

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Long Term Trying To Conceive. This is my first post here, but I have lurked for a while.

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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with our 1st child for 4 years now and its been rough to say the least. Baby Drgn born December 3, Oh yeah, my chart My Ovulation Chart.

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I'll post it The doctors office told me to go ahead and finish the pills as it won't harm anything internet says differently but I'm trusting my doctor Results 1 to 8 of 8. I take mg of Metiformin and a Prenatal vitamin everyday for almost 2 years, faithfully!

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Any opinions, advice, statements or other information expressed or made available on BabyandBump. I was ovulating throught the months I had no bleed like I normally would.

Sign up for The Bump! Progesterone is a hormone that causes many symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnancy - Second Trimester. The Bump Baby Registry.

Also, I know you don't have regular cycles so maybe a heavier flow is the norm for you after a long cycle? But if you become pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant while taking Provera, you should tell your healthcare practitioner right away.

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I was on my period for 2 months straight and heavy flow which was weird because since I stopped my birth control back in my periods have been all over the place I would get a few months without a period sometimes. Trying To Conceive Over It is usually used in conjunction with fertility drugs both oral and injections.

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