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Apparent solubility or formation constant, K awas calculated using the following equation: Microspheres with greater diameters resulted upon increasing the proportion of carbopol which could be attributed to the increment in viscosity of feed dispersion imparted by it.

Five-milliliter aliquots were withdrawn at prespecified time intervals and were immediately replenished with the same volume of fresh media. As of the date, no such combination has been reported for mucoadhesive microspheres of R-HCl. Support Center Support Center. JhaSanjay Tiwariand Brahmeshwar Mishra. Microspheres were pale yellow in color, free-flowing, spherical, and porous in outline.

Mucoadhesive microspheres for nasal administration of cyclodextrins.

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R-HCl was received as a gift sample from Dr. Relative frequency of diameter of particles was obtained by calculations based on volume distribution. After extraction, the samples were analyzed by the above stated standardized HPLC method.

Fluorescence labeling was performed by incorporating FS into the formulation.

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The formulation could help in dose reduction of R-HCl to a remarkable level. Optimised formula was scaled up and stability studies were carried out according to the stability protocol.

Enteric coatings for colonic drug delivery: state of the art

Thermograms indicated that polymers are amorphous and hydrated compounds Fig. Drug concentration in the perfusate was determined using UV spectrophotometry. Co-grinding suffers from the demerit of higher polymer consumption, whereas lipid-based carriers are often limited in terms of drug-to-lipid mass ratio, which interferes with their stability aspect 9. Microspheres possessed almost spherical shape Fig.

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Mucoadhesive buccal disks for novel nalbuphine prodrug controlled delivery: Development and formulation of a 0. Animals were provided free access to tap water and standard pelleted diet. In vivo mucoadhesion test, performed on batches F2, F3, and F4, correlated well with in vitro results Fig. Particle size and size distribution of the microspheres were estimated by laser particle size analyzer, containing helium—neon laser of wavelength Solid state interaction of physical mixture of drug and excipients was studied using differential scanning calorimetry DSC and X-ray diffraction X-RD.

For all the batches, experimental conditions were selected as follows: R-HCl has the p K a values of 8. Inherent solubility S o of R-HCl was determined in pure water under identical experimental conditions. Thus, the retention of formulation within stomach could possibly help in reducing the lag time of drug release. Higher viscosity results into the formation of larger droplets Poor yield could be attributed to the loss of smaller particles which could not be collected.