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I know that it took around a month to see any benefit. You may also experience dry mouth, dizzin These side-effects are not due to histamine or an allergic reaction, but from the pharmacological action of the drug. I cant say I have had this drug but I am on the successor called pregabalin, its better tolerated but it has plenty of side effects too.

I'm stumbling around like I'm drunk. You can email me at: He gets chronic recurring shingles. Other times I felt really weird almost like a being high while taking it.

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Now I feel lightheaded and my blood pressure is a little high. How is this not a class action law suit yet as so many people have suffered so much from it?

Hi all and thanks for reading this. I eventually came off it, but do remember that it was a bitch on the lower doses weaning off.

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Gabapentin didn't really help much. Right away I called my doctor an he got me in. Announcements Board Help and Feedback. Is there an alternative? I have to take it religiously or my whole face is numb like I have been to the dentist and shot up with novicain. I have about 30pnds to lose and want my knee pain to subside and feel better. I lowered it it by mg, I began to lose words, and after 3 days I lost total word recall.

Gabapentin!! Anyone have side affects

We serve over 4 million readers per month, and have costs like all popular websites: Exercise is the last thing any of us want to do when we are experience physical pain, but it is one of the best counter-measures for pain. I haven't had any dumbing effects, although maybe the occasional word-finding trouble I have is partly from the gabapentin.

My nerves are firing off and my spine feels like bricks but I still have to get moving and get to work!!

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Good luck to you! There can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to the next, or when going from the name brand to a generic, so that might be what's causing your problems.

But if I miss taking a certain dose by an hour or 2 I am ready to kill someone. Treatment Experience I'm a dane so excuse me for grammar mistakes. During teens was prescribed: He was so agitated and anxious, the dr.