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I attributed the crying to lack of sleep from vacationing, perhaps too much partying etc. Certain patients also develop changes in taste, which can cause foods to taste different or bland when you are eating.

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Some dreams are disturbing, some are just plain weird and sometimes they're quite funny when I remember them. Until then, I shall continue Taking my meds and recommend others do the same until specified otherwise by a professional. My friend put me on this nasty pill for my anxiety about my husbands health. It has gotten much more difficult since getting down to 75mg per day and I want to cut the cord now.

I'll definitely be making an appointment with my Psychiatrist to discuss a possible change in prescription as I never wish to have these dreams again. The day I stopped taking them I slept all day then felt extremely depressed when I woke up.

To combat this she prescribed a trycyclic called surmontil they basically just tranquilise you and make you dopeyand these in turn made the paralysis worse.

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However, about a couple weeks after I was on it, I started having horrible side effects. It is a wealth of information about other's experience with effexor XR and it is a must read, guys!!!

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I also started taking something natural called "Peace of Mind" to calm my moods, it is by BeautiControl. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Mum was in it the morning. Dizzyness, irritable, crying over nothing. I AM going to see a pyschiatrist sp? Dealing with postpartum depression.

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Not even memes or humorous images should be posted, if you want these forums to continue. I did that off and on for a couple of months. I was told by a psychiatrist to have a fried nearby and deliberately induce panic attacks and then ask my friend to help me through them and to keep doing it until I knew that the fear wasn't going to kill me Register take the tour.

Three nights of horrible R Rated dreams.

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If my nightmares would be made into horror films, they would be the scariest horror films ever. Posted by sydney g. Started on atorvastatin 7 months ago for genetic high cholesterol.

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