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You want to make sure there isn't male factor infertility because if there is, Clomid might not help you conceive. It made me SO sick. I dont have to have injections, just clomid mg. Have to say I had a not very good reaction to the reflexology - I was told i had a lot of toxins to flush out. I stopped taking it because it was so bad. During my first 3 cycles of 50mg I only got one day 21 blood test on the first month which showed I did ovulate.

Percentage of success per cycle of Clomid?

One operation later and I was put on clomid. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately. Sep 12th, Think its worth it, even if you just enjoy the foot massage at the end!! I found this a great way to see if and when I ovulated and probably more reliable than the blood tests as if you don't have a regular cycle like me you can end up getting your bloods done at the wrong time!

Tap here to leave your answer And good luck to you too! Body went a bit mad, finally produced a decent egg, and DD is now 4! I have to have the drs give me prometrium to bring my period down every cycle that I wanted to use Clomid. Tales from the Crib.

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I'm only on my first round but have the same worries as you. Have you been tracking your ovulation? I had basic screening for thyroid, pituitary, FSH and was clear. Trying To Conceive Forums.

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May 2nd, The past 3 cycles i ovulated so it's working, just not pregnant yet. Oldest Newest 11 Posts. We have since moved and now my cycle for Dec I have started my 5th round I had one refill I took with me from our last doctor. Long Term Trying To Conceive. Many women who get pregnant with Clomid do so within the first three months.