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However, one can destroy one's liver with overdoses of Tylenol, and one can bleed internally from too much aspirin. Perhaps not the cold water extraction if he is just starting with pain killers or a recent parent or someone might have gotten prescribed it.

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I gonna try the nutmeg thing. Any more than one tylenol per 6 hours is going to damage your liver. DarthDemerolNov 18, Obviously we are going to punish him and separate him from the morons who are doing this.

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Even though it doesn't sound like he's tried anything like an opiate just the fact that he's willing to go through the motions bothers me. Join Date Mar Posts 1. There's a lot of misconceptions about the harmlessness of OTC drugs. Also, to pick up on something Eunoia said, taking medications to counter side effects from an antidepressant is often not a good idea unless you talk to a doctor first.

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He has to not want to do it. If you can make the child feel foolish about what they've done instead of ashamed, they are quite unlikely to continue the behavior behind your back. Originally posted by rc Rod -- I like what you wrote. Another way to force more of the codeine to be metabolized into morphine by CYP2D6 is to inhibit the CYP3A4 enzyme which is the liver enzyme that metabolizes codeine into inactive metabolites.

Posts 56 As for effects, no high, no numbness.

I heard you can get high off Tylenol

Id say mg to start. Whether he admits it or not, you are still, on some deeply psychological level, his role model. I really want to find a way to talk to him without having the conversation drift to drugs all the time, but it's kind of a hard subject to ignore. Jan 15, 1. Anyone know what effect it has?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? This then leaves you with a gritty tasting glass of water with very little Tylenol and most of the oxycotin. If you have no opiate oid tolerance-- go for it, you will get a nice buzz.

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I actauly thought the antihistamine high to be a really fun one you just see people and friends and then they just disapear. Painkillers are supposed to be taken for a short amount of time as part of "self-care", nothing should be taken if there are no symptoms ie. I started warming up to them when they actually started 'caring' about what I was doing, instead of being afraid of what I was doing.