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Well, went on a bit, ha! I have been on both for only 8 weeks.

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In fact, other than the initial effects hard to sleepit gets much easier and you start to not feel as sleepy in the morning. Some pages may not appear or function as intended. Still looking for answers? I was nervous for that. I had been giving him his Zoloft in the am before he went to his program, and his productivity fell tremendously.

If you want to post an image, post the URL pointing it to your gallery. So now I take it all in the morning. I wish you the best! Register a new account. Don't know If I mentioned it earlier, in other threads of mine but I stopped taking, because of the fatigue,factor.

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Then I started taking it at night We will delete it. So your maximum side effects will be hours after you take it. No side effects other than a little weight gain. Well, the reason why I chose to start taking Zoloft was that I have always been an anxious person. Is it better to take zoloft in the morning?

I'm a hypochondriac, even though none of my friends and only few family members know.

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Then its not so bad if it makes me dopey. I don't know what to do anymore?? It's something I am considering. Anxiety disorders is definately a genetic thing After talking with my family members, they all seemed to tell me that some people's brains just work differently, and their success on the medications eventually persuaded me to try it.

I do know of some people who take it right before bed too, and that seems to work for them. During these last 2 weeks the side affects have all gone away except for occasional nightmares, night sweating, and insomnia.