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As I am only taking the Elthroxine for two weeks I suppose I have to give it time to work. I eat beets and spinach every day actually. Low blood sugar is high insulin.

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Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! If the glycogen stores are not re filled the same day the liver is going to make glucose from protein and that taxes the adrenals so a certain amount of carbs is recommended too. Many even go by just TSH results, and there millions suffering because of it! I have also tried bio-identical hormone creams and they did not help me it just regulated my period. I am Hypo, and was told when I started that Diabetes was linked and I need to be careful.

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How to use the study: I am currently taking thyroid glandular and wonder if I should have just started with the pituitary glandular. Cardiology tried to put me on Atenolol Use something sweet with fiber. If I raise my thyroid too fast I get reactive hypoglycaemia.

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I suffer during the middle of my period most with my lows and a few days before I get the period I suffer from the highs. Fasting glucose of ,Hb Aic of 6. Hi, I feel really warn out, cant stand up for too long and palpitations etc.

How is it showing this elevated readings, the day before my last fasting blood test, I ate 88 g carbs- fruit and veggies and the results were FootBook 6 months ago.

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Hi Susie, I was very interested in your reply above as I think it may have some bearing on the way I am feeling. Buy a drugstore blood sugar monitor and test before and after meals and during those episodes.

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During the last 2 years my tsh and t4 levels have been consistently around 2 and 9 respectively. The information provided in MDJunction is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice. Hoping that this garcinia will help. My progesterone levels are normal, my thyroid levels are normal, blood pressure is normal, and I have been on gut medication for 3 weeks with no results. Or test my doctor can do. Which is more difficult then it sounds.

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First thing, get your diet right.