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As men and women age, the levels of some key hormones in the body go down.

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She also put me on a preservative-free daily multi-vit. The other effect was obliteration of sex drive even though testosterone was included at low levels. I started retaining water throughout my entire body, gaining weight while still following a fairly strict diet. Even though that seems part of the anti-aging idea. It is up to the individual to understand and properly monitor health and well being. Wow, you blog is very informative. What are my options? This paper reviews the role of the non-oral route of administration of sex steroids in the clinical management of postmenopausal women.

And the rules are not complicated. I have competed in several amature figure competitions so I have dropped significant amounts of weight and bodyfat, all the while building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

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I hope that large studies from recognized schools will prove these hormones to be of value. I want to get back to normal but want to do it in a safe way. I am an athlete and have been one for most of my life. Anything that will help. Is it necessary to douche or something before intercourse? This come from HRC. Thank you for your excellent, very informative comment! As a 65 year old woman, I have had a horrendous gynaecological history necessitating many surgeries. They almost always overdose the patient, eventually leading to receptor site down-regulation and liver stress.

In days I was having pellets inserted.

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If anything, you can get a work-up and have all your hormones measured along with other blood and perhaps bone-density tests. This has changed my life. I ride my chopper 3 wheel bike at least a mile at night and walk on other nights. Although, since my intense reactions to the creams, the HGH is sitting in my refridgerator.

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Also when i ejaculate now its very little compared to before i started the testosterone. What do you think the chances are these symptoms have to do with my hysterectomy and do you think bio identical will help?

I should also tell you that this past winter Dec.