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No significant changes were observed in the profiles of aerobic bacteria. The efficacy of metronidazole ointment in treating malodors associated with progressive breast cancer. Patient satisfaction was assessed using a satisfaction questionnaire. In addition to emotional distress caused by the appearance of the fungating wound, the large amount of exudate, pain, and constant bleeding risk, patients with malodorous fungating tumors also suffer from low self-esteem, social isolation, and low quality of life QOL [ 3 ].

A case of massive ulcerating breast cancer cured by successive administrations of epirubicin, cyclophosphamide ECand weekly paclitaxel. Safety Adverse events were recorded during drug application.

Most fungating wounds will, however, continue to deteriorate over time [17][18][19] and commonly have a devastating effect on a person's physical and emotional well-being [5][20][21]. Please review our privacy policy. The nature of the exudate, such as purulent, serous or blood-stained fluid, was recorded.

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In Japan, most studies have investigated the effects of topical MTZ on malodorous fungating tumors of breast cancer patients [ 5813 — 29 ], but few investigated the efficacy and safety of topical MTZ on malodorous fungating wounds that are unrelated to breast cancer [ 30 — 34 ]. The patient satisfaction assessment showed that The application of MTZ 0.


Bacterial infection and proliferation may lead to malodor causing distress to patients. A total of 21 subjects at a median age of From metastatic spread of a distant tumour Figure 3.

In total, 28 adverse events were observed in 15 patients The most frequently reported wound symptoms are exudate, malodour, bleeding and pain.

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Adriamycin and metronidazole ointments. Bacteriological testing On days 0 and 14 or at the time of premature study terminationsamples were collected from the area of the wound with the most severe inflammation and exudate usually around the center for the identification and semi-quantitation of the causal bacteria.

The efficacy of topical metronidazole for malodors in progressive recurrent breast cancer.

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The mean area of the fungating wounds was Survey and research for the commercialization of drugs needed in clinical settings. Fungating wounds were cleaned thoroughly and covered with a dressing material such as gauze, silicon gauze, or wound dressing coated with topical MTZ. Sometimes a chronic wound may undergo malignant transformation to produce a fungating wound, although this is rare. The mean duration of MTZ 0.

Participants Study participants met the following criteria: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company;