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See my Contact page for more information. Most causes of incontinence other than weak bladder sphincter can be identified from a urinalysis and urine culture, but sometimes it is necessary to see a specialist.

For more information, contact: Pets have to be treated promptly with dietary alteration and herbal medications to reduce the occurrence of these symptoms. There are several reasons for dog bladder control problems. It's good to know you're there!! Good luck solving the problem. The amount of saline in the cuff, and the degree of resistance to flow, is adjusted using a subcutaneous injection port placed on the inner thigh. Colposuspension surgery has been shown to be effective in curing incontinence in 40 to 55 percent of dogs initially, though many relapse within the first year.

Correcting polyuric disorder could put incontinence on hold by Dr. I stopped giving the cookies, in an effort to help with a yeasty ear problem. The average duration of effectiveness was 17 months in one study, though the effects can last more than five years.

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Ultimate Vet Fleece -- extremely soft and thick, this fleece lets liquids run thru so dog stays dry waterproof liner of some kind needed underneath. You have javascript turned off. Call before any aggressive behavior accelerates. Plus, if the dog has taken the medications for a period of time, the dosage must be decreased over time to prevent a withdrawal reaction.

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It is important that you pyramid down depending on the dose-ask your vet. My 12 month old lab was spayed last Monday she's very active. Pets are highly susceptible to urinary tract infections.

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My girl has peed a few times in the bed and on the couch when she was on it. Chronic renal failure is one of the most common types of kidney problems in pets. Mags was nine years old when I made the switch.

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One older procedure for female dogs, colposuspension, surgically tacks the vagina to the belly wall, compressing the urethra. Treatment of incontinence is usually simple and effective.

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Collagen injections performed under anesthesia into the area around the urethra offer a newer and more effective surgical method for controlling incontinence in female dogs.

Traditional Chinese medicine TCM also offers herbal combinations for controlling incontinence. The Tramadol alone may do it.

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