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Will the antibiotics survive? Acidophilus As a term, acidophilus is used for describing various bacteria which aids in the process of human digestion. Thank you in advance. When our immune system fails in attacking and killing the bacteria that is attacking our body which does not happen often, we in turn will get ill and this is when we will need the help of antibiotics because that is its main function.

Read Next Acidophilus Reviews. Acidophilus is naturally found all throughout the body and is most likely made its way into our food hundreds if not thousands of years ago. If you are a woman taking antibiotics for an intimate health issue, it might be worth considering taking OptiBac Probiotics For women.

The intestines naturally contain some non-infectious bacteria. Everyday Health Drugs Antidiarrheals Acidophilus. Or, should you take probiotics with antibiotics or after? Effects of probiotics on the recurrence of bacterial vaginosis: Why Eat Yogurt with Antibiotics?

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Yes, that should be fine. After 1 or 2 hours, the antibiotics will have passed through the body, and at this stage it is safe to take a probiotic without worrying about the natural bacteria being destroyed.

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This gives sufficient time for the antibiotic to work while not killing off the beneficial bacteria. It should also contain different strains of good bacteria adding up to billions of organisms per capsule.

Take acidophilus and antibiotics separately.

Will the antibiotics survive?

Natural Ways to Increase Probiotic Bacteria. If you eat dinner late, you can again take the acidophilus an hour before eating and then the antibiotic. NEVER with the antibiotic as they will just cancel each other out; think of the good going against the bad at the same time and there is just no contest. And always remember to take Nystatin or an antiyeast supplement AT the same time you take each antibiotic dose.

The best acidophilus should also say on its bottle that it needs to be refrigerated on opening to help assure potency. The absence of a warning for a given drug or drug combination in no way should be construed to indicate that the drug or combination is safe, effective or appropriate for any given patient. Please enter a valid email address. In addition to normalizing your digestive tract, probiotics can strengthen your immune system.

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