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It has taken me a long time to find something that works!

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Wellbutrin withdrawal Decreased Weight - Uncontrolled and measured loss of heaviness or weight. Feeling very agitated over situations that normally I would only be irritated, but not act out my displeasure or vocalizes at inappropriate times. Told anxiety was likely the problem. I thought I was feeling better this week and then tonight I just started having a severe feeling of dizziness.

I feel like a normal, level headed individual. It was terrible but without any doubt worth it in the end. I believed that it would be easy, and I could do it. Depression and mental illnesses suck and kill you like any other life threatening diseases. Has stopped cold turkey after 2yrs use of bupropion. It can be difficult for someone who has been on this medication for years to come off of it without experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms. Never messing with this medication again.

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Also was missing dosage 1 maybe 2 times a week. Are these side effects and how long do they last.

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God bless us all… Kerry. I am now into my fifth week of cold turkey after two years of between to mg Wellbutrin per day.

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Bupropion mg twice a day. For many people, they start taking an antidepressant during an emotionally traumatic time in their life. Rhabdomyolysis - The breakdown and release of muscle fibers into the circulatory system.

At five weeks I am slowly, slowly returning to the habit. Taper… Taper… Taper… off of Wellbutrin, please, do yourself a huge favor. Any ideas how long this will last? I did further testing with my regular doc and my cortisol came back high. I lost my rx and decided not to refill it after a year of taking it on and off.

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I feel like I am checked out, could just sit and stare into space for hours and sleep!! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - A pinched nerve in the wrist that causes pain, tingling, and numbing.