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He said he never did any he was on drug testing but now he doesn't want to hang out with those kids anyway. I am prescribed mg of Seroquel Nightly but I have heard stories of people snorting crushed up seroquel pills.

You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. Thefluxx00Jun 19, What a worthless drug for recreational use Save it for the people who need to be on it. Like why would you want to take mgs all at once?! Seriquille is not indicated as a med for bipolar it'll actually make it worse.

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Ill take one after I do alot of coke and 20mins later sleep time. I just shaved off the outer 'painty' layer, crushed it up, and used a razor to get the powder as fine as I possibly could. PurgeOct 5, Seroquel has no recreational value.

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Bluelight Opioid Conversion Chart. Ive taken that stuff before, does make u feal ok but not for long, u better not be planning on working the next day or have bad anxieties, my doctor perscribed me mg at night to help get rid of hellucinations, HELL NO, i had less hellucinations but made my anxieties go out the roof, and i wasnt perscribed anything for anxieties at the time, afterwards when my doctor told me it shouldnt of made my anxieties go haywire i just about bit his head off anyways the bad feeling lasts way way longer than the good feeling that and Risperidone scarred me for a weak at the least.

It will just sedate you and make you extremely tired most likely. Here are some available suggestions.

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His doc used to prescribe him this for sleep and it was effective but Red Rock would rather be taking something else for this purpose. One person said,"Well the psychiatrist's" I said, "No, there are only 3 psychiatrist's here and not one takes any new patients, let alone 13 and under, and there are NONE up here in North Idaho" More blank looks I was comatose for hours and didnt remember my dreams.

She knew many adults my age who sold drugs and used them. Stims can be and are regularly abused. So it would be worse depending on your expected result of use to break it up and ingest it as the drug will be released all at once into your system rather than smaller does over a period of time not the same as snorting it, the effect of a high that is.

Your username is how other community members will see you. Drowsiness Rapid heart rate tachycardia Low blood pressure hypotension Low blood potassium hypokalemia Irregular heart rhythm arrhythmia Coma Loss of life. Already have an account? And what my shrink told me. I actually have snorted it before a few years back, all that happens is you get drowsy and relaxed, and also your body feels good, of course that is in a low dosage, in high you usually pass out but you can also become restless and in a drunken state pretty much, but in low doses between 10mg and mg it can make you feel pretty good.

Te feeling is strongly similar to being very stoned off of marijuana, for me it is anyways.