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J Maxillofac Oral Surg. Some research points to needle trauma as the cause of the paresthesia events. Articaine presents one of the greatest protein binding percentages of all amide local anesthetics, comparable only to ultra-long action substances such as Bupivacaine, Ropivacaine and Etidocaine.

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In medically compromised patients where the use of Lidocaine with adrenaline can be recommended with caution, Articaine can be a better acceptable alternative. Studies comparing lidocaine and articaine found that articaine is more effective than lidocaine in anaesthetising the posterior first molar region.

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Articaine, while not proven, has been associated with higher risk of nerve damage when used as a block technique. Its chemical structure, different to that of other local anesthetics due to substitution of the aromatic ring with a thiophenic ring, and the presence of an additional ester ring, provides Articaine with increased liposolubility and intrinsic potency, as well as greater plasma protein binding versus other commonly used local anesthetic such as Prilocaine or Mepivacaine.

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Local and regional anesthesia. Successful —the patient felt no pain during surgery, patient who only had a short duration of pain sensation when their tooth was sectioned during surgery were also included in this group.


The mean rise in Lidocaine group was 6. Nerve injury caused by mandibular block analgesia. The amide structure of articaine is similar to that of other local anesthetics, but its molecular structure differs through the presence of a thiophene ring instead of a benzene ring.

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Moreover, Articaine is the only amide local anesthetic containing an ester group in its molecular structure—thus allowing metabolization of the drug both by plasma esterases and by liver microsomal enzymes. The three brands currently available in the United States are all manufactured for these companies by Novocol Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Kambalimathand S. Depends on a number of factors, such as the intrinsic properties of the drug substance used, and the anesthetic technique employed. Methylparaben is no longer present in any dental local anesthetic formula available in North America. On the other hand, this difference in the total amount of anesthetic solution used for Articaine is 1. The change in the oxygen saturation was recorded after administration of the local anesthetic agent and compared with the base line value in both groups.

Lastly, subjective intraoperative pain scoring by the patients showed no differences between the two anesthetic solutions, with mean VAS scores of 1.

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Zorcaine became available there a few years later, also. The Incidence of complications associated with Local Anesthesia in dentistry. Calatayud J, Gonzalez History of the development and evolution of local anesthesia since the coca leaf. The anesthetic efficacy of Articaine in buccal infiltration of mandibular posterior teeth. J Am Dent Assoc. The pH of Lidocaine is 5—5. The findings of the present study are confirmatory of the previous studies.