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Plus, the start of the swim was right when the sun was rising. After getting my medal, I walked through the finisher expo, and there was water, gatorade, and lots of snacks — oranges, bananas, watermelons, animal crackers, and goldfish crackers. My goal was finish the bike course in about 3 hours, average around 18 mph. There were 6 aid stations set up around the course pretty much every mile.

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I thought the pirate volunteers were especially enthusiastic Arrrrrgh! Sighting is a little difficult heading out because you are heading into the early morning sun. The race starts cool and heats up while you do. The Soma Triathlon was my first The other half I would carry along in my hands.

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This race is the perfect tune-up for Ironman or just a great way to get out and compete in a half-Ironman distance event in a phenomenal setting. That pretty much made the bottle useless and I had to dispose of it right away.

It might be a petty gripe, but this was a big event for me since it was my firstand also the Ironman events have the distance on their shirts, medal, and gear.

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The finisher medal is nice as it doubles as a bottle opener and is a magnet hang of the fridge. There were 2 bike aid stations see them 6 times on the course handing out water, some type of gel packet, and gatorade.

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It was actually kind of awesome to watch. All the aid stations had water, gatorade, ice, gels, and cola. There were 2 aid stations on every loop, so you got saw 6 aid stations through the bike course. So a group of us signed up for it.

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When exiting the waters, there were volunteers to help you out of the water, and there were wetsuit strippers. The proposal to ban all cyclists from Oxford Street that Mayor Sadiq Khan made public on Monday, November 6, might be indicating a possible,….

Also, one of funky things that I appreciated was that the runners were running along an office building around Mileand then the grass sprinklers came on. Not exactly the cleanest body of water. We did that and then headed over to the nearby cantina for food and celebration! Just a few days after Alberto Contador was able to race as a professional cyclist for the last time, the Trek-Segafredo rider admitted to….

Follow all my racing and life exploits on twitter: The cups of ice saved the day. They had a nice selection of fresh fruits and drinks to help you recover. Because of the heat and no shade this can be a very difficult run. Even with the number of turns, the bike course is fast.

Itu World Triathlon Series.