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Both treatments target and remove fat in exactly the same way. Which is why I decide to embark on a month-long weight-loss routine. Im doing ok, being very good with eating just concerntrating on eating as low fat as poss and now trying to keep an eye on my calorie intake. When I was on it I lost nothing extra and my doctor said it was because my diet was naturally low in fat so my body didnt have the excess fat to get rid of.

I'm eating a lower fat intake anyway to support the weight loss Ratings Reviews Compare Obesity 7.

Are Orlistat Side Effects Positive or Negative?

How much support do you have at home? If you are confident in the effects then you likely have the real one.

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I have been taking the tab for 5 days now and sticking to a low cal low fat diet for the past nearly 5 weeks. Could any one please help me know what could be the side effects for a thyroid patient? The rest is chemistry.

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This product is the generic form of a prescription drug called Alli. Makes me wonder if it will really work on me. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. Is this safe for my condition? I take another straight away. Posted 13 April at Orlistat Ahmadzia Verified User. And things that I think are low fat which have me going to the toilet! Possible side effects are many and they may include: And the Alli works for me to lose the few lbs.

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Best way to take this jamshid. Please consult your doctor once more. Do Not Send Email Notifications. Product only work for fatty meals deserter Verified User. You have been unsubscribed.

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If you do not have enough nutrients in your milk for the child, the child could have deficiences. I get abit obsessed by the counting hee hee I get weighed on Wednesday so hoping for a loss, but via doctors scales I havent lost in a month so not expecting much, but my scales and boots scales say somewhat different so we shall see xx Ps thanks for the rep x.

I am sure some people have trouble.